All About the Rumble in the Jungle

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If you want to pick up some water-cooler conversation fodder then you should consider the following books to get your knowledge base at a training level equal to the marks of greatness you’ll be talking about! The Greatest Boxing Stories Ever Told: Thirty-Six Incredible Tales from the Ring (Jeff Silverman) delivers a knockout collection of not only the best writing ever penned on the subject of “the sweet science,” but also stories that relate to the larger human issues the brutal sport has come to embody. Whether the story be about the triumph of a heroic champion, a tragic death in the ring, the shady tactics of fight promoters, or victories against seemingly impossible odds, each story in this varied collection connects powerfully with the reader. This book is the perfect gift for fight fans and non-fight fans alike, and with its all-star lineup of contenders throwing haymakers and uppercuts in every round, it stands as the definitive volume of short stories on this enduring pugilistic pastime. Boxing: A Cultural History (Kasia Boddy) sheds new light on an elemental sports and struggle for dominance whose weapons are nothing more than fists. The author examines the shifting social, political and cultural resonances of this most visceral of sports, and shows how from Daniel Mendoza to Mike Tyson, boxers have embodied and enacted our anxieties about race, ethnicity, gender and sexuality. Looking afresh at everything from neoclassical sculpture to hip-hop lyrics, Boxing explores the way in which the history of boxing has intersected with the history of mass media, Satellite TV, from cinema to radio to pay-per-view. The book also offers an intriguing new perspective on the work of such diverse figures as Henry Fielding, Spike Lee, Charlie Chaplin, Philip Roth, James Joyce, Mae West, Bertolt Brecht, and Charles Dickens. The Life and Crimes of Don King: The Shame of Boxing in America (Jack Newfield) is a new, updated edition of Jack Newfield’s hard-hitting unauthorized biography of boxing kingpin Don King, source of the Emmy-winning film starring Ving Rhames. Working his way out of a life of street crime,numbers running,  and jail time for manslaughter, King rose to become a powerhouse in the fight game as he out-negotiated corporate giants, fleeced the treasuries of entire countries, and amassed a vast personal fortune while ruining the lives and careers of some of the sport’s greatest champions. The dying words of the man King stomped to death on the streets of Cleveland in 1966, Don, I’ll pay you the money, seem to have become the motif for Don King’s ascendancy. Sorcery at Caesars: Sugar Ray’s Marvelous Fight (Steve Marantz) is based on the night of April 6, 1987 when Sugar Ray Leonard stole a fight. A couple of million witnesses saw him get away with it. Leonard’s theft was so slick that the victim, Marvelous Marvin Hagler, didn’t know until it was too late. His middleweight title was picked clean and gone, forever.  In its own way, it was a perfect sting. Of course, Hagler did not see it that way. But if winners write history, a salesman, a con, a Sweet Scientist, and a sorcerer wrote this one. Leonard was each and all in the parking lot behind Caesars. This is the story of sorcery at Caesars, and how Sugar Ray put the Fight Game on Marvelous Marvin.

The History Of Rigger Boxing Matches

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For boxing fans and avid enthusiasts of the sport, learning a little more about its history and exploring some of the offshoots and related events that might be able to provide you with the chance to enjoy a wider range of spectator experiences could prove to be a very rewarding effort. Limiting yourself to boxing matches could be costing you the chance to enjoy a much wider range of sporting events and spectator opportunities than (more…)

How Did Don King Change Boxing

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Don King may be one of the most hated men in sports history, but there is no denying that he change the sport of boxing forever. Don King rose to fame has the biggest promoter that boxing has ever seen. He help turn boxing into the biggest sport in the world, but he is also a major reason of the sports collapse.

Don King helped build boxing by turning each fight into a major event. King was behind ” (more…)

Sugar Ray Robinson And What He Meant To Boxing

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They call boxing “The Sweet Science,” and no boxer ever fought any sweeter than Sugar Ray Robinson. Born Walker Smith Jr., in 1921, he got his boxing name when he had to borrow an Amateur Athletic Union boxing card from a buddy named Ray Robinson. The first time his longtime manager, George Gainford, saw him box, he said of Robinson, that he was “sweet as sugar,” and the name stuck.

Besides a 24 year career that included the welterweight championship, and five middleweight championships, Robinson (more…)

How Long Has The Sport Of Boxing Existed

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Although there are no records of the fights, boxing matches have been organized for centuries. The Greeks included boxing in their olympic games as early as 688 BC. The first recorded boxing match took place on the 6th of January in 1681 in Britian when the Duke of Albemarle promoted a fight between his butcher and his butler. The butcher won.

Early boxing’s rules were much different from the rules of boxing today. There were no rounds, weight classes, or even referees. If a fighter was knocked (more…)

Was Lennox Lewis The Greatest Heavyweight Of Modern Boxing

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Lennox Lewis truly was a fantastic heavyweight boxing champion and his legacy in the sport will always reflect his greatness. A question will arise regarding his impact: was he the greatest heavyweight champion of modern boxing? That is not an easy question to answer as Lennox Lewis does get a lot of competition from other major champions such as Tyson and Holyfield.

Lennox Lewis does hold the distinction of being one of the few men to remain a credible claimaint to being an (more…)

The Rise And Fall Of Mike Tyson

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Mike Tyson will most likely always be known as one of the greatest boxers who have ever lived. He began his fight in 1986 and quickly rose to fame. Throughout his career, he has had a total of 58 fights. Of those 58 fights, he has won 50 of them. Six of those fights were won by a knockout. Tyson experienced a decline in the 1990s. He experienced a failed marriage and was also convicted of rape in 1992. He returned to the ring in 1995, but he experienced even more problems.

In 1997, he (more…)

Is Muhammad Ali Really The Greatest Of All Time

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One of the most controversial figures in sports throughout the twentieth century, Muhammad Ali was the perfect balance of sublime showmanship and technical expertise. A heavyweight of exceptional hand speed and footwork,
Ali’s ability to move around the ring while inflicting continuous punishment with lightning quick jabs was the hallmark of a career that spanned two decades, and saw him claim the Heavyweight Crown three times.

In his prime Ali didn’t even bother to block punches! His movement was such that an opponent missed by millimeters (more…)

MMA Fighters to Keep an Eye On


If you’re like us you’ve been scouring your satellite channels recently for more MMA action. Here are a few of the players we’ve got our eyes on and that we think you should be watching, too.
Rashad Evans – Standing at only 5′ 11″ Rashad is a force to be reckoned with. He’s got a punch that packs a wallop and with eyes like steel his opponents never know what’s coming.
Forrest Griffin – You might know him from being (more…)

Who Are The Current World Boxing Champions

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The current world boxing champions in the World Boxing Association (WBA) are:

Heavyweight champion David Haye from the UK has held his title since November of 2009.

Guillermo Jones of Panama holds the Cruiserweight title. He last defended his title in October of 2010.

Light heavyweight Beibut Shemeno remains at the top of his weight class after a recent title defending match in January of this year.

Fighter Dimitri Sartiso has been the WBA super middleweight champion since November 2009.

Gennady Glovkin holds the middleweight championship title.

The 154lb super welterweight Austin Trout of the United States recently captured (more…)